Entertainment & Consulting Services

With almost 30 years of working in the entertainment business, our great experiences have taken us into many exciting and different directions.

Although the main focus of Comino Productions continues to be artist management, our hunger to expand and further challenge ourselves has lead us into working in fields as diverse as record, video and film production, to concert production and event management.

Many times we are approached by indie labels or great artists with terrific masters who we don’t necessarily manage, and asked to come on board to either help expand distribution and licensing, or executive produce a project building it from the ground up, consulting on everything from artist imaging and live performance, to pairing up the artist with co-writers and the right producer.

At other times, we are asked to lend our expertise in assembling a team of qualified pros to stage a shoot for a concert  performance,  bringing in the best possible team together covering all departments such as stage and lighting design, sound, set decoration, post production etc. Corporate sponsorship and branding are also areas that we cover.

Check out some of the different companies, partners and organizations that we have collaborated with over the years in various capacities:

Disney (Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Usher), 20th Century Fox (Robots), Dreamworks (Revolutionary Road), Universal Pictures (American Gangster), HBO, Showtime, AOL Music (Evanescence,  Neil Diamond, Daughtry, 50 Cent, Joss Stone, The Game), Concerts Productions International (David Bowie, Rolling Stones), The City Of Toronto, The Borough of Brooklyn, The Swedish Music Seminar in NY, Magna International, BBC,  Icelandair, Black Velvet Whiskey, Miss Sixty/Energie clothing, Lionheart Records, The Canadian Tenors Inc., The Sarcoma Foundation of NY.